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Jul 3, 2006 07:24 AM

Need a non-alcoholic option!

Hi Hounds--I'm in London for a month and need a non-alcoholic option when I go to a pub or restaurant! In the US, I'd order iced tea, but that doesn't seem to be possible here. What can you recommend that isn't too sweet? Many thanks.

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  1. Non alcoholic options at most pubs, other than soft drinks or sparkling water, are pretty limited. You can usually get bottled orange juice and often bitter lemon, which can be good over ice.

    If you are somewhere a little fancier, they may have a sparkling elderflower which is a great, non-alcholic wine substitute, IMO. Also, if you can find the line of Fentiman's old fashioned sodas, they are very good and much less sweet than the usual. The ginger beer is a particular favorite of mine and the Victorian lemonade is also good.

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      Thanks! So far, it's been lemonade (fizzy), water, iced tea! at the National Gallery, and I saw elderflower presse, which I intend to try.

    2. The Fentiman's suggestion is an excellent one

      Their Ginger beer is the best and I also like the Dandelion and Burdock.

      They are now widely available in pubs.

      Here is their website which lists some of the outlets which stock

      1. A British friend of mine usually orders half cranberry juice, half tonic. He says both are readily available at pubs. He got me drinking it while he was visiting the States and I found it delightfully refreshing.