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Jul 3, 2006 07:14 AM

Use or toss this used vanilla bean?

I steeped a vanilla bean (seeds scraped out) in milk for ice cream (will report back on the entire dessert, to be constructed tomorrow night).

Can I used this bean? I rinsed it off with water, being careful to get rid of all the milk clinging to it. It's drying on the counter now. Would it be okay to bury it in sugar to make vanilla sugar, or is it time for this bean to go into the trash?

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  1. I'd probably put it in the sugar. If the flavor is gone, well, nothing lost.

    1. Agree with Kagey, put it in the sugar. If the bean had good intense flavor to start it, it will have some nice residual flavor and aroma. I store all my used beans in the sugar jar.

      1. I recently saw this on a tv show: Once the pod is dry you can grind it into a powder in a spice/coffee grinder then stir it into sugar.

        1. You can also use it in something where you don't want an overly pronounced vanilla flavor. Like... say, in a chocolate ice cream or a fruit ice cream where you want another background layer. The vanilla bean won't be nearly as strong as it was before - particularly because you already used the seeds inside - but it will still have a tinting flavor...

          1. you can also put it into your bottle of vanilla and let it add to the flavor.