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Jul 3, 2006 05:49 AM

Bachelorette party for 12 - North Beach?

I'm looking for recommendations for a bachelorette party later this month. Looking for somewhere fun and not wildly expensive. Perhaps in North Beach? Mission?

And no, we're not interested in AsiaSF...

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  1. Tomasso's? Great feeling and price value relationship.

    1. i would try bocci cafe or posbbiby stinking rose

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      1. re: Mel

        I would avoid Stinking Rose at all costs. Had a large group meal there about 8 months ago and it is truly gross...

        If you don't care about the food then the atmosphere may count as "fun."


      2. Iluna Basque. Young crowd, loud vibe.

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        1. re: Paul H


          What did you like at Iluna Basque? I am planning on going but have read too often the food can be sloppy. Is that your experience? Anything to avoid?

        2. Steps of Rome in North Beach - the food is decent, but the Italian lover-boy waiters are perfect for your party.