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Jul 3, 2006 05:40 AM

Lunch near quays of the old port of Montreal

I am going to be at Flora Montreal ( on the quays ,bordered by rue de la commune) and I am looking for lunch recommendations near that area ( within 10 minutes walking). I am not that picky when it comes to type of cuisine, (although I would love a nice tapas place or a bistro), just somewhere not too heavy on the purse strings! Thanks.

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  1. Some affordable but casual lunchtime favourites in that area (though not quite tapas nor bistro):
    -Olive & Gourmando (351 rue Saint Paul Ouest - 514-350-1083)
    -Cluny Artbar (257 rue Prince in the Fonderie Darling - 514-866-1213
    )-Titanic (445 rue Saint Pierre - 514-849-0894)

    1. Try Bistro Origine, on the quai at the very foot of Saint-Laurent. A very nice terrace on a sunny day, and an inventive, tapas style menu. The prices are reasonable too!