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Jul 3, 2006 05:28 AM

tequila? [moved from Home Cooking]

i like tequila shots..good ones ofcourse, but i'm wondering what goes well with tequila.. as a drink? like, how there's rum and coke gin and tonic..etc. what are your favorite tequila drinks?

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  1. Cuervo and OJ used to be a favorite of mine. I'd initially tried a Tequila Sunrise, but later chose to forgo the grenadine.

    1. silver tequila and sprite with lemon juice

      1. I think the right combination is a pony of sippin' tequila and a draft of XX on the side.

        If you feel like a serious study of the subject:
        In Search of the Blue Agave

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        1. re: yayadave

          Amen. And possibly a shot glass of granita to round it out.

        2. Two favorites:

          "Tequila collins" - sparkling limeade or lemonade (from TJ's, or a mix of seltzer, simple syrup, and fresh juice) with tequila. Either way add some lime juice too.

          The Todos Santos: tequila, damiana, and fresh tangerine juice. Our wedding reception drink. Delicious!

          1. Been to Todos Santos, but never heard of damiana. Perhaps there's a Todos Santos in Mexico as well, but the one I know is in Guatemala. Anyway, would love to try this. Is is readily available in the States? Don't recall ever having seen it.