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tequila? [moved from Home Cooking]

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i like tequila shots..good ones ofcourse, but i'm wondering what goes well with tequila.. as a drink? like, how there's rum and coke gin and tonic..etc. what are your favorite tequila drinks?

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  1. Cuervo and OJ used to be a favorite of mine. I'd initially tried a Tequila Sunrise, but later chose to forgo the grenadine.

    1. silver tequila and sprite with lemon juice

      1. I think the right combination is a pony of sippin' tequila and a draft of XX on the side.

        If you feel like a serious study of the subject:
        In Search of the Blue Agave

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          Amen. And possibly a shot glass of granita to round it out.

        2. Two favorites:

          "Tequila collins" - sparkling limeade or lemonade (from TJ's, or a mix of seltzer, simple syrup, and fresh juice) with tequila. Either way add some lime juice too.

          The Todos Santos: tequila, damiana, and fresh tangerine juice. Our wedding reception drink. Delicious!

          1. Been to Todos Santos, but never heard of damiana. Perhaps there's a Todos Santos in Mexico as well, but the one I know is in Guatemala. Anyway, would love to try this. Is is readily available in the States? Don't recall ever having seen it.

            1. Yes, the Todos Santos in Baja. They make Damiana there and sell at roadside stands, and also there's another mass-produced version in a brown glass bottle shaped like a fertility goddess.


              You can get/order it at BevMo.


              1. triple sec and lime juice... i'm surprised no one has mentioned it.

                Our recipe at work for a margarita is 2 oz tequila, 1 1/2 oz Dekuyper 48 proof triple sec, and 1 oz Rose's lime or fresh lime juice, depending on how sour you like it. For my own, I'll pass on the salt and serve it in a rocks glass instead of a cocktail glass.

                Pass on the patron or don julio, that would be like putting grey goose in a screwdriver.

                1. I had these in Tlaquepaque (Guadalajara):


                  in a small bowl (think cereal bowl size):

                  chunks of citrus fruit in skin (especially small grapefruit)
                  chunks of ice
                  Squirt, Fresca or Toronja (sodas with grapefruit flavor)
                  pinch of salt (optional)
                  1-3 shots of silver tequila (depending on how fast you want to get happy)

                  serve all in the bowl and guests squeeze the fruits into the drink with their fingers and sip from the bowl.

                  1. The Paloma kicks ass over the Marguerita!

                    Tequila + Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice + Triple Sec

                    BTW, a mimosa is also better with GJ than OJ.