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Jul 3, 2006 05:21 AM

NYC Hound ISO Local, Remarkable Faves

Staying at XV Beacon and have two dinners and two lunches to plan. Prefer to stay in the hub. Eager for either exemplary places or those which are unique to Boston, for which one is unable to find an equivalent in NYC or elsewhere, with stellar food.

My short list, and eager to hear your feedback re others and which are better for lunch/ dinner?

Sibling Rivalry
East Coast Grill

In case this helps, if our shoes were reversed, and I were asking for NYC recs coming from Boston for this purpose of a trip, I'd recommend:
Babbo, Lupa
Veritas -- though too quiet for myself dining alone
J-G for lunch -- great deal
Daniel -- front room, more casual for one dining solo

Will have one lunch and one dinner when I must entertain others, the other dinner and lunch will be solo or with friends. Price isn't a concern but won't have time for a 4+ course meal on this trip.

Thank you!!

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  1. Interesting NYC recs--The chef at Veritas is a Boston native. As for Boston, definitely skip Sonsie. The food is unremarkable, and the ambiance does not reflect Boston at all. It was chic 10 years ago, but is more of a out-of towner be seen scene. I am not a fan of Sib Riv at all. Find the menu to be pretentious, confusing and the staff to be unreliable.

    ECG, Union, Mistral, have interesting and solo-friendly dining. Hit up the bar as many of our bartenders are lifers and are entertaining and knowledgable. I would also put No9 Park on your list. It is great for solo dining (at bar only) or to entertain your clients. It is also walking distance from XV. Are you also dining at The Fed? The food is consistent and reliable there-- similar to Delmonicos. ECG is a hallmark of Cambridge dining. The Chef there has the cooking/service down to a science. For biz, you can also hit up Mistral, Meritage and add Sorellina. It is more of an older crowd scene, but it is owned by the Mistral group and has some of the vibrance Mistral had years ago that has somewhat diminished. If you're looking for some chic and good seafood, go to B&G Oysters in the S.End. Great modern intrepretations of the lobster roll. Get the Lobster BLT. It is very tasty. If you are in the mood for wine, check out the Butcher Shop next door. These places are not bargins, but you don't seem to be valuing price over taste... they're both great choices. Have fun. When you return to NY, hit up the Tasting Room. Love that place!

    1. I'd suggest adding Oleana to your list. The cuisine is a little different from standard Mediterranean. When I've eaten there the food has been stellar.

      1. I would definitely take Sonsie off your list. It's ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there. I think I am one of the few people who really likes Sibling Rivalry. I love dining at the bar there and they have a great outdoor patio that is just perfect with the nice weather we have finally been having. Yes, the menu might be just a tad confusing, but it's not like you need to be a genius to figure it out.

        I definitely agree with the B&G recommendation. It's one of my favorites spots and you can sit at the bar and gorge on oysters if you so desire (which I often do). I also like the lobster roll and lobster BLT there. Another similar spot is Neptune Oysters in the North End. I personally am partial to B&G, but many on this board are big fans of Neptune.

        I like Mistral for bar dining. I have found the service in the dining room to be so so and I think for the prices, better service is warranted. The food is pretty good though.

        1. Definitely add Rendezvous to the list.

          1. Add Neptune Oyster (in the North End) and No. 9 Park on to your list.

            Also, omakase at Uni in the Clio Restaurant (in the Eliot hotel) is also excellent.

            While I really like Union Restaurant, I don't think of it as a destination restaurant.

            But for true Boston flavor, go for the ice cream. Christina's in Inman Square and Toscanini's in Central Sq and Harvard Square to name a couple. Christina's is next door to East Coast Grill so you can easily get a twofer. Furthermore, ECG has this Jamaican banana split with Christina's ice cream.