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Jul 3, 2006 04:21 AM

Integrating Chownews with Google Maps

Once we get our regular Chownews back, here's a feature I've always wanted: a map view that shows all of the places featured on Chownews (perhaps using Google maps as the back end). I live in LA and given how large the area covered is, it's great to be able to take a look at a certain area and see all of the near by places that have been listed in Chownews...

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  1. Great idea! There is actually a great site, that lets you create your own maps on anything, here's a few relating to food you can check out and see if it's what you are thinking about.

    Clay's Favorite L.A. Food:
    Cheese Map:
    Eat, Drink, Explore Chicago:

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    1. re: Susie

      Seeing as this very site was built by the Wayfaring team, and...

    2. Thanks so much for the great site!! It's something I've been looking for myeslf! :)


      1. Neat site. I guess it's a moot question right now given that Chownews is not back yet. But, when it comes back it would certainly be great if they started building a consolidated "ChowNews" map that included all of the places featured. (It would be quite a task to do this oneself, but perhaps the Cnet folks have the resources to.)

        1. Guys, ChowNews lives on. Have a look at "Digest", in the navigation field above. Mapping's a great idea, I'm guessing we'll get to it eventually.

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          1. re: Jim Leff

            ChowNews is back ... sorta. The old ChowNews, which I subscribed to for years, was board focused and had extensive coverage of a week's worth of posts. In it's current form the Digest is a shadow of it's former self with just a fraction of the content.

            And instead of zeroing in on interesting posts on specific boards it covers the entire country. It's as if your hour long local news program was replaced with a 10 minute summary with stories from all over the U.S.

            Give us our local news back!

            (I'd be perfectly happy to pay for it again.)

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              That's not quite true, though. The Digest has entries from all the regional (NY, SF, and LA) editions of ChowNews (I presume you just subscribed to NY, Bob, and that's why it seems like it's not "board focused"), plus entries from the General Topics section and the new, separate Home Cooking edition, which launched with the new board format. So you are getting your weekly local board news, just day by day, not once a week. If you you click on the "next page" text at the bottom of the Digest page (which actually takes you to the previous day's page), you can see all the past entries, you jou just have to scan past the other cities'. I say, don't knock the free travel guides! When ChowNews goes back to email as well, it will be certainly be easier to archive for personal use, I agree.