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Jul 3, 2006 04:08 AM

Yankee Pier at SFO

Hubby and I had a delayed flight the other day, out of Terminal 3 (United), so we had an early lunch at Yankee Pier, near Gate 71. While I've never eaten at the original in Marin, this branch wasn't bad.

The clam chowder isn't overly thick, and tastes house-made and soothing. Two delicious soda biscuity things floating in it. They have individual pepper grinders on each table, a nice touch. Good, big salads also, with fresh ingredients. The Yankee salad (romaine, apples, candied walnuts, blue cheese in a light dressing) was tasty; hubby liked everything about his ceasar except the croutons, which he said were stale.

Service was very good and while lunch was pricey, this is the airport. Given the other options in that Terminal definitely worth checking out once one is past security.

The flight, once it finally left, got us safe and sound to Vancouver, where we are enjoying unreal weather and some great eating. I'll be posting soon about some of our meals on the Western Canada board, so keep an eye out there, and possibly also in Elsewhere in American, as we work our way up the coast to Juneau, Alaska...

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  1. Your post reminded me that I ate there a few months ago while going to or from Charlotte, and was impressed enough with the chowder (for airport food) that I meant to post it as an airport recommendation....

    1. Interesting comment about the price. I went to the one in Marin for fish & chips, and though the food was good, the one thing stuck with me was the price. I just felt that I could get about the same meal for less $ at other places. I would hate to see what they are charging at the Airport!

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        Actually, the prices seem to be the same at the airport as at the other locations of Yankee Pier. Yes, still pricey, but not necessarily as difficult to swallow given that it is a relatively decent port in a storm, so to speak....

        check out their website:

      2. Yankee Pier is one of my favorites. As a native New Englander, it's the only place I've ever found excellent renditions of my boyhood favorites (whole belly Ipswich Clams to be specific-- and Lobster rolls with the buns that look like a thick slice of folded bread). I think it's well worth the price as I can't think of anywhere else that serves some of these dishes.

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          MUCH better than Yankke Pier and absolutely New England authentic is Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City. I don't care where you live in the Bay Area, if this is your craving, this is the place to get them.

          The owner is from Maine and worked in the lobster business back their so he knows the suppliers. He has a local bakery make those top-loading hot dog buns to specifications. Lots of Chowhound mentions if you do a search.

          Fried clams have been popular this year. Woodhouse Fish in San Francisco opened and used the same fish supplier as OPLS.

          So Yankee Pier isn't the only game in town. YP was ok when I really had a craving, but the California-ized it a little too much with the sides.

        2. As a New Englander exiled in San Francisco I was more than happy to try Yankee Pier last month at SFO. The chowder was disappointing. The lobster meat in the lobster roll was overcooked and chewy, it was also spicy (?). I couldn't eat it. My husband (not a New Englander) did not like his lobster roll but he did enjoy the chowder. Not even the fries were good. Can't wait to try Old Port Lobster Shack.....

          1. OMG, I don't understand at all the fascination with OPLS. I'm a New Englander as well, and tried OPLS a month ago. It wasn't just bad it was disgusting. THe chowder had carrots in it and some weird sweet taste - totally wrong!! The crab louis tasted old and fishy. The clam roll was the only good part of the meal - nice and simple, except it was served on a bed of potato chip crumbs. I'm not joking, there wasn't a piece larger than a quarter in my basket - just a bunch of "shake"

            Anyway, I don't know how you can even compare Yankee Pier and OPLS. I haven't been to woodhouse yet, but am looking forward to trying. Yankee Pier has consistenly served me pristine seafood and authentic (for the west coast) versions of the classics. It's not cheap, but it's not on the East Coast either. I'm happy to pay for quality product, I'm never happy to pay anything for the old seafood I was served at OPLS.