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Jul 3, 2006 03:53 AM

Sit-Down Dessert Places

With summer here, I've been wondering where to find a good place for a sit-down dessert, a la Serendipity/Swensen's/Jaxson's/Finale (even Friendly's). Basically looking for the following:
1. Good desserts
2. Table service
3. Reasonably late service
4. The majority of diners (or at least a significant minority) are there just for dessert (so not Toast)
5. Preferably at least quasi-westside (so not the Swensen's in OC)

Does this exist in

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  1. HAHAHA- I will put my brain on it, but for the meantime I can't help laughing about the reference to Friendly' interesting choice. I hope we can do better for you than that. There are some great dessert places but the kicker is the sit-down requirement...give me a day.

      1. It doesn't have table service, but they do have GREAT desserts, open late and seats to enjoy... Susina on La Brea and Beverly. Love this place! :)