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Three Twins Ice Cream

Anyone tried Three Twins Organic Ice Cream? It's really superb. I have found it at the Berkeley Farmer's Market, at their store in San Rafael...and I think the guy said they are on the dessert menu at Olema Inn, Fish, Rosey's Cafe...anyways, anyone else tasted it and have thoughts? I say you can't beat local, organic ice cream made with Strauss milk. Yum.

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  1. What flavor do you recommend?

    Here's a link to its website for the address and hours in San Rafael -


    1. I went to the San Rafael store. I would call this superior American ice cream--much better than Fenton's. Sketch is a different species, in my opinion.

      Cookies & Cream and Mint Confetti flavors were both very very good--creamy and judiciously flavored. Also, the cones went into the iron and were rolled right in front of us. (Don't know if that's standard practice.)

      If those flavors sound unadventurous, there was a "Fruit" Rose flavor available (the specific fruit escapes me) as well as Mexican Chocolate and several others.

      We also sampled the Bittersweet Chocolate, which was mostly good, but had an unfortunate taste of cocoa powder.

      I highly recommend a trip.


      1. I tried three flavors at the Berkeley farmers market and wasn't very impressed.

        1. Because they are using the Strauss mix I had a hard time with the fact that they say they are making the ic. I found the vanilla to be too sweet and the other flavours to be one dimensional. If I found myself near the store I would give them more chances, but for a similar is I'd rather have Fairfax Scoop's renditions.

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            What do you mean by using Strauss mix? Are they buying premade batter from Strauss and just spinning it in house? How lame!

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              I don't think buying a quality mix from a dairy is necessarily a bad thing for a small shop.

              "... we first combine cream, milk, sugar and egg yolk (all organic, of course) in a vat. The mix is then homogenized and pasteurized and left to sit for twenty four hours. This lets all the flavors of the different ingredients meld into each other. Unlike homemade ice cream, which is absolutely the best, but must be eaten within a few days, we homogenize our mix so that the ice cream will not crystallize after a few days. We use egg yolk instead of gums to give our ice cream a smooth, rich texture."


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              Turns out this is incorrect. Three Twins doesn't use the mix, but Fairfax Scoop does according to the Strauss website. The other two places using the mix ... Screaming Mimis in Sebastopol and Ukiah Brewing Company

            3. I tried a couple of flavors, chocolate and coffee, and found it to be too airy. Is this how it normally is. The flavor was fine, but the texture was too light. Like whipped ice cream.

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                Airier by far than gelato or the intriguing hybrid available at Sketch, but I didn't find it especially airy in the context of most good traditional places. It may have been different on your visit. I've only been once.


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                  Seems like normal American ice cream texture to me.

              2. I recently had some Three Twins coffee ice cream at Terzo. Although I wasn't eating it by itself, making its sweetness tough to assess, I thought it was really good - good enough to inquire if the restaurant made it themselves or where they bought it if not. Smooth, creamy, not too dense and just bitter enough not to seem overly sweet. Just my 2 cents...

                1. I had a taste of both the vanilla and the mint at the farmer's market. I thought both flavors were good, but the mint was better. For vanilla ice cream, my favorite right now is Zambeedo creme de vanilla, which has vanilla liquer thrown in. Tried the Zambeedo creme de coffee, but it's not as strong as I had hoped it would be, so I'm sticking to the vanilla.

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                    I recently went a second time. And enjoyed it a second time.


                  2. I found them right after they opened and have been back a few times. I've always come away a bit disappointed. I guess it's just not my kind of ice cream. I like a lot of different ice creams, Fairfax Scoop, Double Rainbow, most gelatos, Silberman's, even Dryers if there's nothing else around, and others, but somehow Three Twins doesn't do it for me.

                    1. I had some Three Twins ice cream at dinner at the Olema Inn this past weekend. (At least I'm assuming it was Three Twins -- the dessert menu didn't specify.) I was disappointed in the two flavors, chocolate and coffee, that I tasted. There were chunks of ice in the ice cream, and the flavors were too light for my taste. Tasted more like ice milk than ice cream. Not horrible by any means -- the ice cream did have a fresh, clean taste -- but not memorable.