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Jul 3, 2006 02:54 AM

Philly overnight

Wanted to post the question to see what feedback I could get on some ideas for eating next Sat into Sunday in Philly.

- We're gonna do a cheesesteak of course (I like Jim's).
- I'd also like to get coffee at La Colombe.
- We're doing the Art Museum and I wanted some recommendations on coffee/morning snacks up near the museum. I'm thinking London Grill? Don't they have a cafe?
- Anyone have any input on Cafe Beau Monde for crepes?
- I'd also like to get some of that lovely looking gelato at Capogiro.

My only other question is dinner. I'm thinking we may want to do a BYOB and I've seen the many posts about all of the feedback on these. What I'm thinking is that with all of this eating, we may just want to go somewhere for appetizers. Perhaps on the moderate priced side. Any recommendations? We'll be staying near Rittenhouse. But I'm open to anything in center city.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Oooo ooo ooo, this is a fun one. You've done some great research.

    London Grill does not have takeaway food but only a few blocks away are two great places. My favorites are Cafe Mojoe for bagels (which are delicious) but their coffee is mediocre. Another place to try in the neighborhood is Mugshots, which is busier, larger and has plenty of drink options and pretty good bagels.

    Beau Monde is great. Make sure to go upstairs for a drink afterwards if you are there for dinner.

    As far as a BYO for dinner, I would reccomend Matyson, and if you want something light, go to Tria. Both are in Rittenhouse.

    1. I second the Tria recommendation, and would also like to suggest Ansill as a light-dinner option. Both are fabulous and moderately-priced, though Ansill may require a short cab ride.

      1. Thanks for the help. I love philly and one of the reasons is b/c it is an amazing restaurant/food town. I think we'll do Beau Monde for brunch on Sunday. And we'll grab something at Mugshots before the museum. And thanks for the Tria recommendation. It's one I hadn't come across in my research.

        Anything I'm missing? I know that if I eat as much as I want to up there, I'll be stuffed all the time. But I also want to make sure that I grab even something little from places that you all feel are must-do's while visiting.


        1. If you decide to do Tria on a Sunday, make sure to check out their Sunday School where each person can get one item at half-price. The website is