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Jul 3, 2006 02:48 AM

Do Food Reviewers Troll This Site?

I hope this is the right board to post this question, but it is something I have wondered for a long time: do food reviewers visit chowhound, either for ideas of places to check out or for the word on places they have reviewed? More generally, where do they get ideas for what places to check out?

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  1. Alice, I live in the Seattle area. I am certain local reviewers visit Chowhound quite often. (Our local Chowhounds are generally way ahead of local reviewers in finding new and good places as well as supporting Chow-worthy established restaurants.) We don't mind; Chowhound is for every true food lover.

    1. Several of the Boston Globe food writers read the site and post on the Boston board. I wish the Globe reviewers would read the site more often... *g*

      1. In a word, yes.

        Keep in mind that reviewers aren't trying to be first. Most reviewers like to give a restaurant from 1-3 months before reviewing it. Just because it appeared first on Chowhound doesn't mean that a reviewer discovered a place from the board.

        1. Absolutely. Food writers are food junkies like us, but smarter: they get paid for it and have an expense account to pay for the meals. I definitely see patterns in NYC where Chowhound starts talking about something then a few weeks later it shows up in the NY Times, Post, etc.

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            And some mention Chowhound. Check out this, written by the Village Voice's top reviewer.

            1. re: Brian S

              Yes they do. Out here on the southern West Coast, I noticed that the restaurant reviewer of Orange Coast magazine (OC, CA) says she got the inspiration for her current July issue restaurant review of Shin-Sen-Gumi by reading (LA board) and other local internet food blogs. If you're in the restaurant reviewing business, I guess it helps to keep your ear very close to the ground. To those of you involved, know you are being heard!


          2. I've seen food critics credit the site, so yes, they must be using it for information.