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Jul 3, 2006 02:42 AM

The bread at Tintol

Had a quick after-work drink and appetizers at Tintol recently, and tried the pork tenderloin with clams dish that's been touted on these boards, and it was very good, though it could have been a little more substantive for $9. But even better than the pork was the bread they served along with it. It is an olive bread, with a really nice crunchy crust, and the bread was incredibly... um, I'm not sure how to describe it, but luscious. Really soft and pillowy, and moist--the texture of freshly baked bread. I asked where they get their bread and they told me that they get it from a Portuguese bakery in Newark. Now I'm feeling somewhat obsessed with finding this bread. Not sure when I'll have the time to explore Newark, but I may have to go to Tintol just to have some more of that bread.

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  1. The best bakery in Newark is Riviera, on Ferry Street. Coutinho and Teixeira -also on Ferry- are great too; the latter supplies bread to restaurants in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York. Take the PATH at WTC to Penn Station, Newark. Exit on to Raymond Blvd and turn left on Ferry Street. The Broa (Pão de Milho), a corn-meal bread with a hard crust (slice it thin), at Riviera is excellent. I am eating it right now.