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Jul 3, 2006 02:03 AM

No Frills


I've noticed two No Frills have opened in the GTA (One at Black Creek and Eglinton and one at Lansdowne and Dundas) that have a fresh fish counter and a good meat counter. They also offer some of the more unusual parts of the animal (Pigs feet, hog jowls, tongue, etc.) as well as a larger variety of the rest of the goods. A Super No Frills if you will.

Does anyone know of any others??

I do recommend going to these stores. The fish especially is good. They keep the fish whole as long as possible (Except for salmon steaks). I buy grouper there quite a bit and it's cut to order.


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  1. There's one at Victoria Park and Eglinton with a fish counter, but I haven't ever bought any. Is the fish fresh (I mean 'fresh' fresh)?

    1. Well,I am close to the Black Creek & Eglington No Frills area, and I have heard that it's one of the biggest No Frills around, but I haven't really had time to check that place out.

      I'm going to check it out later today. I need food in my fridge.

      1. There is a No Frills by Steeles and Kennedy (just a city block east).

        1. They vary by location. The one I use at Spruce and Parliament is pretty brutal: generally crappy selection, here-today-gone-tomorrow specialties, and no fish or meat counter. Cheap, cheap, though. There's another at Pape and Gerrard, near Gerrard Square. Better and much bigger and better run, but no meat or fish counter.
          A friend of mine goes to the No Frills at the Dufferin Mall and loves it. Apparently the fish counter there is great.

          1. There is also one at Highway 7 and Warden. They also used to have rotiserrie chicken at this location that was 1/2 off 1 hour before closing, so it was a ridiculous 3.50 for a whole chicken. They stopped that after people were standing around at 6:45 waiting for them to go on sale :)