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Jul 3, 2006 01:47 AM

Desi (Indian-Chinese) restaurants in Queens

Can anyone recommend any good Indian/Chinese (Desi) type restaurants in either Queens or Manhattan? Thanks

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  1. Try Tangra Masala, 8709 Grand Ave
    Flushing or Chinese Mirch
    120 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10016

    Good soups, stay away from the seafood

    Hot sauce on the side ?

    1. I like the Tangra in Elmhurst (mentioned above) a bit better than the one in Sunnyside on QB. That said, both are very tasty. As for Chinese Mirch (and the several nearby Desi-Chinese joints), I prefer the Tangras over these anyday. Just be geared up for an MSG overload - they all tend to use it in abundance.

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      1. re: lambretta76

        Went to the Sunnyside Tangra with some other CH folk (& my wife) only a couple of months ago and wasnt impressed at all. Everything edible & reasonably tasty, prices good, but very little was memorable. And we put quite a dent in the menu.

        1. re: Steve R

          God yes. What did we have that night, 6 or 7 dishes? Almost everything tasted like it was spiced and sauced identically. Muddy flavors too. It was too bad because we really wanted to like the place.

          On the other hand the highlight of my evening was the overblown and amazingly kitschy mural depicting grinning and sweaty charioteers flogging a frenzied team of horses. It looked like something out of Liberace's rec room.

          I enjoyed the food at Chinese Mirch in Curry Hill on my one and only visit. I've got to get back there and see if I like it as much as I did the first time.

      2. There is Tangra Wok on Queens Boulevard in Rego Park.
        I've only been there once or twice, but it was quite good, and I think it got a couple of good reviews on this board.
        It's a block or so West of the 63rd Drive Station, on the South side of QB.

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        1. re: judy

          Can you compare it to Tangra Masala?

        2. I've never been to Tangra Masala.

          Perhaps someone else can compare them.