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What to do with LOTS of left over Bean Sprouts?

I needed 1 cup of bean sprouts for veggie mu shu pancakes, I must have about 8 cups left. What to do with them? Ideas?

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  1. Stir fry? Maybe in red curry like the Thai green bean dish? There's a recipe online for a sort of hummus made with bean sprouts too. Or you could just munch 'em!

    1. simple Asian side salad. Place bean sprouts in microwavable container, nuke it for 3-4 min. Dump it in ice cold water to prevent from cooking and drain well.

      Mix dried cold sprouts with 2 T vinegar, 1/2 t sugar, 1 t salt, 1 T sesame oil and some chopped green onions. If you like it spicy you can add hot chili oil.

      I usually add a bit of bay shrimp in the side salad. It's great with grill fish or meats.

      1. Throw a couple handfuls into your rice pot to cook at the same time as the rice. Easy and very nutritious.

        1. Or throw a handful into each large, individualized bowls of noodles, pho, etc.

          1. I like making a beansprout salad - for me, it's a lovely fresh, light side dish to an Asian dinner. And super easy and quick.

            Layer beansprouts, shredded carrot, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and top with a generous splash of fish sauce.

            1. eating soy sprouts raw is suppose to be bad

              google it

              its the only sprout that needs to be cooked to remove phytic acid and other antinutrients

              but then again... if youre just gonna do it once or twice... i guess it doesnt really matter

              just dont go eating soy bean sprout salad everyday...

              are tehy yellow soy sprouts or green? if it has that stringy tail you should remove it...

              you can stir fry with ginger and scallions...

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                I never heard of any health risks.. thanks for sharing. I just did Googled it and see that it is advised against eating raw or lightly cooked.

                Personally, I find them pretty useless after the lightly cooked stage.. boo.

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                  the OP didn't specify soy sprouts. mung bean sprouts are commonly eaten raw and are more readily available in the US.

                2. I lightly saute them in sesame oil, shoyu and salt. Just a tasty side dish whenever I have rice. Adding hot chili-garlic oil tastes good too!

                  1. Similar to the last suggestion, I stir fry bean sprouts with a little sesame oil, just a dash of brown sugar, salt, and some chili oil. That's how my dad makes it. The brown sugar really contrasts the otherwise just plain salty dish.

                    1. You can do a quick pickle of sorts, like the Korean pancha. Light blanch the spouts, and rinse with cold water and drain.

                      Mix together some rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and salt, and toss your spouts with them. Sprinkle on chopped scallions before serving.

                      Once you blanch them your 8 cups will probably shrink down to less then 3.

                      1. There's a chinese restaurant near by me that makes a bean sprout dish I really like. It's a stir fry but it's primarily bean sprouts and seaweed ( no other vegetables). I would stirfry them and add a sauce like Bragg's.

                        1. Stir fry with eggs and tofu. Shrimp if you have it, kind of like an omelette only you don't fold over.

                          1. Egg rolls! This is Emeril's recipe and we loved it...first time I ever tried making egg rolls at home and we were very pleased...I believe the trick is to wrap the rolls very snugly so that they don't come undone...I think he used egg wash to seal them but water worked just fine for me and none of them came undone while frying...link below: