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Jul 3, 2006 01:03 AM

Herb butters - need your suggestions

Tarragon butter, thyme butter, rosemary butter - these are all fine, but I need to make something new, something multi-herb and delicious. What combinations do you like? For vegetables, chicken, beef, fish ... anything.


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  1. I like adding things like flat leaf parsley or cilantro. Some garlic paste ( use you pistel and morter) is also very nice, but use a light hand. An interesting variation is a few anchovie filets along with one of the herbs.

    Sundried tomatoes, capers, it's pretty much anything you want.

    1. Mrs. Dash whipped into soft butter is way better than it deserves to be. (needs to "age" a bit though)

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      1. re: LisaAZ

        Hey, this IS good, thanks! We also tried Bell's Seasoning, which wasn't bad.

      2. Lemon butter--use the zest and some juice
        Lemon garlic butter
        Lemon garlic parsley butter
        Any spice plus butter will work for something, what do you want to cook? or do you just have a lot of butter?

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        1. re: julieswan

          As it happens, we did have a lot of butter (husband and I went separately to the market, and we both bought saled and unsalted butter, each thinking the other would forget). So now we have lots of herb butter, which suits us both fine!

          1. re: dano

            I found a recipe for this in copy of Escoffier (1969 edition). It required more herbs than we had on hand at the time, but we'll try it soon - it sounds wonderful.

          2. I finely slice basil and add it to butter with a little garlic. Fantastic on corn, pork, chicken ...

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