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Jul 2, 2006 11:42 PM

Muffaletta in old town, alexandria?

Hey this is my first post. I was just wondering if anywhere new where i could my hands on an authentic muffaletta sandwhich in the old town area? Appreciate it...

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  1. From all discussions on the board, no one in the area uses the right bread, just FYI. There have been some posts on a good sandwich otherwise, but I really haven't pursued any of those due to the bread issue.

    1. The classic muffaletta a la Central Grocer and Napoleon's does not exist in these parts, unfortunately. This is clearly an opportunity for some wily entrepreneur, so long as they got the right bread, the right olive salad, and the right meats and cheeses. You'd figure that Acadiana or Cafe Marianna would make one.

      New Orleans Express makes one, but I've never tried it. Don't think you're supposed to put pepperoni on it, and then there's the whole bread issue.

      1. Evening Star Cafe on Mt. Vernon Avenue has it on the lunch menu, but I have not tried it.

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          thanks a lot everyone... since im currently "between jobs", ill be sure to check out your suggestions with all my spare time. chowdown

        2. Jasons Deli on route & near tysons corner has a money mufalletta, I dont think the bread is original muff style but it is still quite tasty

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            "money mufalletta"? Whazzat? I looked at the menu at Jason's Deli when they first opened and thought it was kind of pricey, but I didn't think they made any sandwiches with money. Is this the new slang for "on the money?" You think it's good?

            By the way, the Jason's Deli in question is in the shopping center at Idlewood Road and Leesburg Pike, about a mile east of Tyson's Corner - across the parking lot from a Whole Foods and a Tara Thai, and across the street from Trader Joe's.

            I think that The Italian Store has all the ingredients to make a muffaletta but I don't recall seeing it on the menu, though I haven't been there in a while.

            1. re: MikeR

              I think jgaff1041 must be a fan of the Junkies radio show on WJFK...they have a whole unique vernacular and "money" is their way of describing something that is indeed "on the money". Now if Jason's Deli had a really BAD muffaletta, 1041 might have said, ala Junkies, it was "hurten'"... :)

              1. re: DCDOLL

                Or he watches Diners, Drive Ins and Dives... Guy says money a lot.

                1. re: DCDOLL

                  That's properly "hurtING" (emphasis is proper).

                  There have been old threads on this, but it's time to revisit. My beef is that most things on a menu by the name muffaletta are clearly not. The bread being the biggest offender, but even beyond that it goes downhill quick. Acadiana's version (at least a while ago) is a complete sham - even though I like the restaurant.

                  My god. How hard is it - if you aren't doing the real meal right - to call the damn thing something slightly differently, like a "muffie" or something? Just don't call it what it ain't, please!

              2. re: jgaff1041

                Jason Deli's bread distributor is Leidenheimers out of New Orleans. I have never actually had their muffuletta before, though.

                1. re: jgaff1041

                  I went to Jason's Deli yesterday for this sandwich. I knew it wasn't going to be authentic when they asked if I wanted turkey or ham-- it's not a muffaletta without ham, mortadella, and salami. It arrived at my table toasted, and without the mortadella. I prefer the untoasted style a la Central Grocery, but apparently some N.O. restaurants toast their muffalettas. I think the Leidenheimer's bread is the one Central Grocery uses, so kudos to Jason's for sourcing it.

                  1. re: mbabyok

                    "... , but apparently some N.O. restaurants toast their muffalettas..."

                    NO report:

                    Napoleon House (corner of St. Louis and Chartres Streets) serves the toasted variety. When they do a thorough job toasting the sandwich, it's sublime. When they vaguely warm the sandwich, it's not as good as the fully cold or completely hot version.

                    1. re: mbabyok

                      I think the turkey/ham thing is DC. People trying to "eat healthy." Zest Bistro downtown makes theirs with turkey and tapenade on ciabatta. You'd think RT's would do a decent muffaletta, but they serve theirs with grilled chicken(?!)

                      Bayou in DC used to serve one, but not anymore. Their po boys use Leidenheimer rolls and are good.

                      Bayou Bakery's MUff-a-lotta is the best I've had 'round these parts.

                  2. The Italian Store has been rumored to make one. Not Alexandria, but Arlington, up Spout Run.

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                      Dang, I can't get a good Chicago dog or a Muffaletta in this town? Every time I travel I just get more disappointed when I get home.

                      1. re: Ericandblueboy

                        Italian Store doesn't have it on the menu, but they will make one for you. They are the only place I know of that has the right olive salad.