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Jul 2, 2006 11:25 PM

Molly O'Neill's new memoir

I always looked forward to Molly O'Neill's column in the NY Times Magazine. I couldn't wait to read her memoir: Mostly True: A memoir of family, food, and baseball. Her brother, Paul, played for the Yankees. But you don't have to like baseball to enjoy this book, even though the baseball parts can be riveting. She's lived quite a life and, thankfully, continues.

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  1. I still pick up her NY Cookbook now and then and just go through the pages, as the years go by it's a good reference point to how food is evolving in nyc.

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      I'd think you like the memoir. She's the oldest of six kids, the rest all boys!

    2. for all the NYC-area hounds: she'll be at Madison Square Park on 7/20 with Pete Hamill and Gael Greene: