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Jul 2, 2006 11:18 PM


Any input on the best place to go for Margaritas? I prefer top shelf on the rocks...great time of year for a good Margie... My choices are

L Scorpion in Hollywood
Border Grill
Taleo in Irvine

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  1. I am impressed with the Happy Hour at Border Grill (5-7 every day ). The margaritas are done properly with fresh fruit juices. The chips and the Border Grill trio of salsas are good, too.

    The main attraction for us, though, is the "little bites" menu: scaled-down versions of their entrees and appetizers at happy-hour prices. It's a good deal and makes a great light dinner.

    Here's a link to a writeup on L.A. FoodBlogging:

    1. Not so much on the food - but they do have chips and salsa and the best margaritas in the city:

      el carmen, 8138 third street, los angeles, 323.852.1552.

      1. Mexico City on Hillhurst

        1. Best one is town is Sonora Cafe. Large, strong and very very tasty. They have a bar menu which is quite good too.

          The blue corn bread is yummy as well.

          1. For guac, chips and good tequila, and price no object, I'd say El Carmen or Malo in Silverlake.