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Jul 2, 2006 10:20 PM

Perfect Vidallia Onion Sandwich

What are the ingredients for a perfect Vidallia onion sandwich? I know that opinions vary, but I want to hear what people think.

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  1. I like onion, tomato, mayo and squishy white bread. Best eaten standing over the kitchen sink.

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    1. James Beard had a cocktail sandwich which he called "Onion Rings" . It is a firm textured white berad like Pepperidge Farms cut into crustless rings. The bread was generously slathered with good quality mayo the the onion and Vidalia's would be perfect for this. Then topped with another mayo coated top and the rims of the sandwiches coated lightly with mayo and rolled in chopped parsley. So simple and addictive. That is a nice cocktail sized sandwich but I don't know why you could not cut off the crusts and make larger sandwiches or quarter the bread slices. You'd have to call them onion squares or something since the onion ring name would not make any sense.

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        In one of my old James Beard cookbooks, he called them brioche sandwiches. The recipe calls for extremely thin sliced sweet onions and finely minced parsley and homemade mayo. You place the onion on the brioche, which you have spread w/ your homemade mayo and close. Then you put a thin layer of mayo around the edges of the crustless brioche and roll in the parsley. It's quite good.

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          I think the name of the sandwich varied in different books of his also whether to use mayo or good butter. no matter what the name or version they are really good.

      2. Sorry as I am unfamiliar with this sandwich - do you eat the onions raw for this? Is it marinated in acid first?

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          Yes, raw onions. The rings refer only to the shape.

        2. As kids we'd have raw onion sandwiches as snacks when we got home from school. Vidalias would be great - Cold butter on dark bread with salt and pepper - the way to go !

          1. Mix some red (hot) sauce w/mayo 'til it's pink and slather it on two slices of fresh rye bread. Top it with thick Vidalia onion slices, bacon cooked to almost-crisp (I prefer thick-cut) and basil leaves. Takes like summer in your hands.