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Jul 2, 2006 10:19 PM

Where can I find the best Gyros in San Francisco?


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  1. A good downtown (weekday) lunch spot is Krivaar on Pine.

    1. New gyro citing where Starbucks used to be on Beale and Mission. It is "coming soon" we can always hope...

      1. Santorini's, near Union Square, is a gem. Amazing gyro sandwich, I can only assume the gyro platter is just as good. It looks garish on the outside, and had few patrons, but the food was awesome. Be sure to try their falafel as well.

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          I seem to be the only one who's had a bad meal at Santorini's. Most, like yours, have been good, so maybe I'll try it again.

        2. If you are close to sunset, I would say best gyro is in Park Gyros which is located on 9th Ave and Lincoln way right across the Golden Gate park. You can find both chicken and lamb&beef gyro which is quite tasty and fresh.
          Here is some information on the restaurant from

          1. Ayola, which has several locations and is mainly takeout (a few tiny tables)... the one near my office is:

            118 New Montgomery Street
            (between Minna St & Mission St)

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              I LOVE Ayola... seriously good food all around. And the secret is that they have the best fries in the city. Do not forget to order some -- you won't regret it!

              Another great place for gyros is Good Frickin Chicken in the Mission/Bernal.