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Burnt Popcorn - How to clean the pot?

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I love home popped popcorn. Unfortunatley, my mother's ancient Faberware pot does not. I burned popcorn in it and I cannot get it cleaned. I have tried elbow grease, Brillo, Easy Off, Barkeepers Friend, Washing Soda and only some of it comes off (not to mention the baked on grease is a challenge).

Has anyone had success in removing burnt food like this from a pot? If so, do tell or I will have to hang it up to use a target practice to see if my spaghetti is done:)

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  1. I just read a tip a few minutes ago that said to put a fabric softener dryer sheet in the pan, cover with water, and let soak for a day or so. Worth a try I suppose.

    1. Thank you. At least my pot will not have any wrinkles. I will let you know how it turns out. Happy 4th.

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        Here's that link from the current Chow News.


        There is a link in there to the complete discussion at the end.

        I haven't tried the fabric softener, but on some tv show I heard that soaking in Coca Cola will remove the burnt on food.

        Darned if it didn't work beautifully. Coke just ate through the burnt on stuff. I was where you are. I had scrubbed all the stuff off using elbow grease and there were still black stains on the bottom ... no more.

        Since I burn a lot of pots, this is a good thing. Like my dad used to say about coke, "Imagine what it is doing to your stomach".

      2. We tried the dryer sheet on a pot with some burnt residue. My husband was sceptical but it worked. Amazingly well too. He's keeping a stash of dryer sheets under the sink now.

        1. I was cleaning some ribs off a baking sheet today and accidentally scrubbed at the surface with wadded up aluminum foil. To my surprise, It started scrubbing off the burnt on parts! I wadded up some aluminum foil and went to town. It worked great! It was slightly assisted by Barkeeper's Friend, but worked more quickly than BF ever does on its own. I got off unsoaked black portions of burnt off grease incredibly easy.

          The aluminum foil would be a great substitute for steel wool, I think. It does leave scratches if you're not careful, but I care more about getting burnt chunks off my baking sheets than keeping them unscratched.