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Jul 2, 2006 09:53 PM

Disappointing meal at Plouf

We haven’t been to Plouf's in years. Last night we ventured back for their famous mussels. We ended up sharing the coconut lime and lemongrass flavor mussels and the fish and chips.

Although, I couldn't detect it, my husband said the mussels were very fishy smelling. I remember the coconut preparation from years ago to be complex in flavor and very delicious, but last night, it was just lots of mussel floating in coconut milk for me.

The fish and chips were disappointing as well. They used the 'wrong' kind of fish. Not flaky and tender but more meaty and tough. I want to say it was halibut instead of cod? The fries/chips were pretty sad looking too.

I'm not sure we'd go back again. The magic is gone for us.

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  1. That's too bad. We've eaten there probably twice in the last couple of months and have enjoyed every bite. Maybe just an off night.

    We only go for the mussels, have never tried any of the other dishes.

    1. I've been there twice and hated it--the scene, the long, long wait after our reservation time, the extremely loud music, and yes, the food. It was an utter disappointment.