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Jul 2, 2006 09:38 PM

Cape Neddick Maine catering?

We are going to Cape Neddick in a few weeks for a family birthday. We are trying to find someplace to 'cater' food for only 11 people. We're not looking for bartenders, servers etc, just some food delivered and ready to go. All this is being done from Chicago, by the way! Any ideas?

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  1. Try Food & Co. in Cape Neddick. Very nice food- they have shop but I am pretty sure that they will make food for you to pick up. I have gotten egg strata there for breakfast parties.They are a truly wonderful place.
    I believe also that Stonewall Kitchen in York will prepare food for you. They have an excellent menu. Also, if you want a clambake, Foster's Downeast Clambake in York caters. You can look online. The Village Market in Ogunquit Center make some good prepared foods and their catering service is called Harvest and Plate Catering@Village Food Market. 207 646 2122.
    Hope this helps!!!