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Jul 2, 2006 08:32 PM

Ate 1 8 in Encino on Ventura?

Drove by it today. I don't think it's open yet. Any buzz on this place? It's just east of White Oak on the south side of the street.


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  1. i hear it is supposed to open this week or next...

    1. The location is the former Cafe Bazel at 17620 +/- Ventura Blvd., quasi across from Fromin's Deli, which was recently sold, btw.
      Peeked in the door and it looks like they have lots of work to do prior to getting the place opened. Actually about 3 storefronts being combined into one. No one there to talk to specifically regarding its concept. No abc licensing as of now, nor did the bazel have any before it.

      1. i heard it opened this weekend--anybody been in yet? i'd be interested to hear how it is before i trek over there...

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          1. Would you mind giving us some idea about what kind of restaurant this is, type of food, prices, etc.? Thanks.

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              Well, after the gym yesterday, I walked in, looked around, and took a peek at the menu. Trying to cover some of the Israeli bases that Bazel used to handle, yet also has a good collection of greatest hits from other menus all over town. Filet at $25 if I recall was the most expensive item on the entree list, and yet the smaller portions concept seems to also be appropriate here if so desired.
              No alcohol service whatsoever, with no posting in the window, even though the manager indicated that beer & wine would be forthcoming, yet it would only be until 11:30p.m., since the NIMBYs in that hood dictated that it should be so!!! Also indicated was that they would not allow the bringing in of your own wine, with or without corkage charges.
              Place looked much nicer than Bazel, and it just opened Saturday, and a sprinkling of customers were coming in by 7:30 when I left.

          2. The original comment has been removed