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Jul 2, 2006 08:29 PM

bing cherry storage - help please

I bought 3 lbs. of bing cherries at the Hollywood Farmers Market today. I plan to serve them on Tuesday evening, and I'm not doing anything to them. What's the best way to store them? Right now I have them unwashed, in a single layer on paper towels. Do I need to refrigerate them? Do I need to keep them in a single layer or could I put them in a bowl? I don't have enough refrigerator space to refrigerate them all in a single layer. Thanks.

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  1. I line a bowl with paper towels, rinse cherries, put into bowl and then fridge....I've done this for years & never once had a problem...cherries last 3/4 days at least (in perfect condition) but I don't know for sure how much longer is possible since they get eaten!

    1. I store cherries in a tupperware container lined with paper towels with the lid on. I store this container in the fridge. I pick the cherries off the stem but I do NOT rinse them. I think they will get moldy faster if you rinse them.

      A local supermarket was celebrating a grand opening and featured Bing Cherries at $0.89 a pound. I bought over 9 lbs on June 18 and I still have some cherries left on July 2 (14 days later). During the 14 days, I regularly picked out the cherries that were getting overripe and ate those cherries. I ended up throwing out only a few cherries.

      I think it would be even better if the cherries were in a single layer