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Jul 2, 2006 08:09 PM

Honeymoon + Birthday in Madrid

We're off to Spain for our honeymoon, plus will be celebrating my husband to-be's 35th birthday while we are in Madrid.
Any recommendations for a romantic birthday dinner would be appreciated.

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    1. for the best seafood...el cantabrico its close to el retiro but i'm not quite sure where exactly. I went with my father and you wont regret it.
      carabineros to die for
      Gambas de Huelva
      Excellent rodaballo

      1. Wow, a birthday and a honeymoon! I think that I would celebrate at the restaurant on the roof of El Casino de Madrid--La Terraza del Casino.

        1. Hey Cleveland Park--
          What a coincidence, I just posted about El Cantábrico in a different post--I really like that place, too.

          But I wouldn't call it romantic...unless crustaceans and stainless steel counters make you go all misty (which, of course, they do for me). Here's the address:

          El Cantábrico, c/Padilla, 399 (Salamanca--few tables)

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            hahahaha very true, yea i guess i was thinking more of the food