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Jul 2, 2006 07:36 PM

Mezze Prices

How expensive is a reasonable dinner for 2 at Mezze in Fells?

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  1. Ate there last night. A reasonable dinner with a drink or two each will probably only cost you ~$60-70. Well worth it.

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      I agree. $60 to $70 with a couple of glasses of wine.

    2. without alcohol, I generally pay around $40 for a two person dinner. As always, the price depends on how veggie/meat oriented you are. It looks like veggie plates are under $6 and meat/seafood are $7-10.
      to do the math for yourself: http://www.kalismezze.com/

      1. Fully filled with food and drink for two people ran me $85 with tip. Mainly because the oysters were so perfect that we had to get two orders. Without booze you can knock like 35 bucks off