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Jul 2, 2006 06:57 PM

Is the Jamba Juice hype true?

Is Jamba Juice all it's cracked up to be? Every time I'm in DC, which is the closest place to me that has it, the one I find it always closed! Weird I've never gotten to taste it. Is the hype about it true, or will I finally be let down when I get to taste it eventually.

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  1. Relax, they're just smoothies in the same contemporary style as every wrap chain in the country. Nothing wrong with them but really, if you've had one mango-banana-blueberry smoothie with a scoop of creatine and B vitamins in it, you've had 'em all.

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      i go to jamba juice all the time. i'm vegan so i am very careful about what i ingest. as long as you specify what you want then you won't get a dump of sugar or yogurt or any of the powders you may not need. just be specific, for instance, i ask for carrot and banana juice with a little wheat grass and crushed ice. that's all i get in my drink and i am happy. so, if you don't follow they ad hype in the store and know what you want and don't want you are safe.

    2. they're just like any other smoothie really. and a lot of them taste the same because practically all of them are mixed berries! not to mention the tons of sugar they dump in them.

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        haha thanks. but it is a disappointment. really, from what some of my friends say about it, you'd think they use manna from heaven.

      2. Jamba juice's smoothies are thicker and fruitier than other smoothies I've tried. I also think they have more creative flavor combos than other chains. Not to mention you get a lot for your $4.oo or so compared to other's chains cup sizes. I currently live in an area of the US without Jamba Juice and I'm impatiently waiting for a franchise to open here.

        1. In my area (Marin county CA) the competitor is Planet Juice, which I much prefer as my smoothie source. Planet Juice uses fat-free frozen yogurt as their base. Jamba Juice adulterates theirs with ice. I once ordered their low-calorie version and was tasting artificial sweetener the rest of the day - they don't warn you about this. (There should be a law that anything containing chemical sweetener must carry a warning!)

          1. I love the smell inside Jamba Juice. So cool and fresh with the scent of fresh fruit in the air. Pretty good smoothies too if you don't mind a looooooooooong wait.