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Jul 2, 2006 05:03 PM

Vegas Branch of Carnegie Deli

i think it is at the Mirage??

any good?? especially for the pastrami and corned beef, which i assume is flown in from the CD plant in Jersey.

what is the average price for a sandwich??

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  1. Las Vegas has a lot of good restaurants, but Carnegie Deli isn't one of them. I kept thinking I must have hit an off day (plus I was staying at the Mirage), and returned for several disappointing meals. The corned beef, and the pastrami, were both dry and a little lacking in flavor. I also assume the meat is flown in from the east coast. Perhaps it is, but it must lose something either in storage or handling.

    Other disappointments: cheese blintzes that were bland; matzo brei that was downright bad. The only good things I found were a hot dog and some of their desserts.

    Here's a link to the Las Vegas branch's menu, with prices:

    1. If you come from a deli-deprived wilderness like I do, the Carnegie in Vegas will do just fine, but I have had better.

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      1. Never been to the LV outpost but almost every report on Chowhound in the past has been negative. The new Chowhound software makes it easy to do a search on the Las Vegas Carnegie and exclude posts about the New York branch.