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Jul 2, 2006 04:45 PM

Automated email replies?

On other boards in which I participate, I have the option of receiving emails in my inbox when someone has responded to a topic when I've posted to that topic, or started a topic.

In that email is a link to that topic.

Is that going to be implemented here? I find it VERY handy. Hey Oko, are you listening? ;-)

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  1. That's great for boards that deal with highly specific or obsure interests, or are lightly trafficked, but you must have noticed that threads in Chowhound often get dozens of responses in a very short period of time. Are you sure you want to be notified of each one of them? As my mother would say, "be careful what you wish for...."

    1. It hasn't been an issue for me on Wine Therapy, eRobertParker and other sites that have this feature. eRP is as heavily-trafficked as this site. An option for that feature is whether one wants to be notified or not. The default on both boards is no. The user has to select a check box or pick that option from a pulldown menu.

      So yes, I do wish for that. ;-)

      1. One of my favorite boards has an email notification that allows you to choose 'instant', 'daily' or 'weekly'. I love this feature!!