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Jul 2, 2006 03:41 PM

One night in Vancouver -- West? Tojo? Vij's? Something near UBC?

Hello Canada hounds,

I'll be in Vancouver in a couple of weeks for a conference and have one dinner night free. I had some really superlative meals at Tojo's in 1999 and 2002 and was planning to go back for the omakase -- but some of the posts here throw that into question. People who think Tojo's is overrated -- did you also think it was overrated in 2002, so that if I loved it then I'd still love it now? Or has it actually gone downhill between then and now?

Other options: if price is no object, it seems West is the choice -- there also seems to be a lot of sentiment for Vij's. Are these places easy to get to from UBC without a car? It's possible the people I'm with will want to stay close to home, in which case -- is there any really good stuff walkable from UBC campus? Note that conference banquet is at Sun Sui Wah, so other-than-Chinese is probably good.

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  1. Not too far from UBC is AJI SAI (sushi bar). It is located in Kerrisdale on West 42nd (right behind the Royal Bank on W.41st) There is no HOT food or deep fried food offered here, just sushi. The place is small - 9 spots at the bar, 5 tables. No reservations and they are closed on Mondays.

    We have eaten at Tojo's numerous times, but since finding this jem of a place we have not gone back. Not only is the food amazing, there service is wonderful and the price is very very good.