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Jul 2, 2006 03:16 PM

Best iced coffee ever

After a long and mostly enjoyable quest, I think I have finally perfected it. Iced coffee so good that I don't feel I need to go any further. The secret, as it turns out, is coffee ice cubes. I made these with a batch of extra-strong coffee run through my filter machine the other day.

Into the blender goes one long shot of espresso, about the same amount of milk and as much sugar as you like. Put on the lid, but remove the center hole-thingy. With the blender running (at top speed), drop about 4 coffee ice cubes in through the hole, one at a time. Continue blending until you can't hear any more crunching.

Pour into a tall glass over (plain) ice.

Better than any crappy, fake, oversweetened excuse for iced coffee you can get anywhere.

Except maybe not better than a real shakerato in Italy - but then again, that could just be about being in Italy.

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  1. Great call on those coffee ice cubes.
    That WOULD make all the difference!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. re: hbgrrl

      You're welcome. I tell ya - it just made my day today!

    2. I learned that trick too, and LOVE watered down coffee. I also use it for iced tea sometimes, as I just hate when things get diluted.

      1. For extra fun, try espresso ice cubes.

        I like to blend them up w/cold coffee, cream and sugar.

        what i cook ----->

        1. This sounds close to what my Columbian friends call, not surprisingly, Columbian Iced Coffee.

          The coffee ice cubes sound like a great tip. The Columbians also add 1/2 tsp cinnamon and dust the top with cocoa powder.

          1. You know - it's funny - I've known about those coffee ice cubes for years but just never got around to making them. As if it's any work at all (duh). But I'm a convert now. Made the cubes with espresso coffee run through my drip machine. Didn't have the patience to do all that espresso properly - but the coffee itself was an espresso, pulled properly.