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Jul 2, 2006 03:15 PM

Hit list for best restaurants in the Mission District

My husband loves eating in this area. His favorite, back in the day was Slanted Door. Here's my two cents on the hottest restaurants in the Mission District:


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  1. I love Blue Plate. They serve some of the most creative food I had in California

    1. I love eating in the mission because the food is generally both cheap and delicious, here is my little list of eateries:
      pakwan - for some tantalizing pakistani
      La Taqueria - for the tacos
      Pancho Villa - for the burritos
      Esperepento (not so cheap) - for the tapas

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        To expand that, here's a recent thread on inexpensive eats in the Mission.

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          Re: Esperepento
          Do they really have the BEST sangria in town? From what I've heard, the food is just so-so but have been told to visit just for the sangria alone. What do you think?

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            I do not think Esperpento has the best's all about the value for the food there. Personally (and I'm no expert) I think Cha Cha Cha has great sangria, though I think the food there is relatively awful.

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              try the patatas bravos and the dry fried garlic shrimp, you wont regret it.

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              Just had dinner at Esperpento and it wasn't that great, at all. Ordered a bunch of stuff (sausages, meatballs, calamari, white bean salad, clams) and most of it looked like it rolled off the truck from sysco. Sangria was okay, and the price was right, but when the guitar player started singing in my ear and leaving his hat on the table for tips, I had to throw down the towel. Thank god I was with good friends so we could laugh!

            3. Range has great cocktails and some good food, I'll second Blue Plate, La Taqueria (get the salsa verde), Pancho Villa, and Pakwan. I'll also add Delfina and Pizzaria Delfina and the taco stand on 24th near Alabama at Taqueria Vallarta.

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                I heard that Delfina is also open for lunch/brunch? How is it? Worth trying?

                1. re: banquisha

                  Pizzeria Delfina only, not Delfina proper.

              2. I second the taco stand at Taqueria Vallarta. I have tried their lengua and beef cheek tacos and both were delish.

                1. Ti Couz at Valenica and 16th Street. Great seafood salad and crepes. Ankor Borei at Mission and Cortland. Wonderful Cambodian food.

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                    Wow. Thread of the living dead.

                    I would disrecommend Ti Couz for dinner. They try to fancy up their crepes with salad and oysters, and it all goes horribly wrong. Crepes, brunch, check.