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Jul 2, 2006 03:10 PM

Which prepared vegetable broth do you use?

I sometimes need to use prepared vegetable broth in soup but haven't found one that isn't either foul-smelling or too salty, or both. Any suggestions in NYC? TIA

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  1. Knorr makes a decent one - it's in a large tetra-pak (900 mL or approx. 1 quart). I'm not sure I'd use it plain, but I do use it when adapting recipes that call for chicken broth in order to vegetarianize them.

    1. I use 'Better Than Bouillon' which is a concentrated paste that comes in a small glass jar. It's very flavorful and I can't use any other kind (I found a lot of vegetable broth/bouillon to be rather bland or just not have a nice flavor. This one does). It's available at some supermarkets in New York now, and most of the nicer ones should have it.

      1. Kitchen Basics. I use all of their line of stocks, veg, seafood, chicken and beef. I know CI did not like it but I am guessing they like the taste of additives. Kitchen Basics is pure stock. No gums, fillers, sugar, HFC etc. Just stock like you would make if you weren't pressed for time. I like the reclosable cartons it comes in too.

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          I'm a big fan of Kitchen Basics too, I like the richness of the stock.

        2. I agree -- Kitchen Basics is my favorite.

          1. I've been happy with Savory Basics, another concentrate in a small glass jar. The sodium content in SB's chicken stock is sort of mid-range: 540mg per cup (compared to 730mg for Knorr).