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Jul 2, 2006 02:12 PM

really good sushi and experience at Sachiko's on Clinton

Last night I went to eat with a friend on the LES. We were in the mood for something light so decided to go to Clinton Street and get sushi or tapas. My original thought was to go to Cube 63. We stopped in, a narrow room bathed in green light. It was one of the loudest places I've ever been. there were a few tables open, but the hostess told me they were reserved and that there would be an opening at (some time I couldn't make out.) We left. Then we came across Sachiko's, which I'd vaguely heard was pretty good. Well, it was in fact really good.

There is a small garden in the back, where we were seated. The waitress immediately told us which fish was the best, which I appreciated. I had tuna rolls and something called sasa sushi, which was a little steamed packed of rice in a banana leaf with shiso and ginger (you can get it with some other fish.) My friend ordered spicy tuna and California rolls, and even those these atrocities were not on the menu they were made without question. My tuna and sasa were delicous. the restaurant has a very large sake menu but having had a long night previous I stuck to the iced green tea. The final bill, with nonalcoholic drinks and some green tea ice cream for me (which came with a dollop of red beans on top) was 45 dollars, which I thought was eminently reasonable. Service was pleasant if a bit dreamy at times. The sushi bar looked very wide, a nice place to sit. On my way out I was told that on the 11th and 18th of July Sachiko's was having a shochu taasting dinner, with three glasses of shochu and dinner for 35 dollars, a bargain, I think. It wasn't all that crowded and I can't figure out why.

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  1. I, too, had a very positive experience at Sachiko's last week, so much so that I went there again a few days later for dinner. Both friends I went with loved the place as well. Almost everything we ordered was flawless. The service was very well versed with everything on the menu and specials and gave great recommendations. I'm pretty picky with sushi/japanese food and this has become my new go to restaurant for such cuisine. Like the original poster, I, too, was perplexed by how empty it was, even on a friday evening. I hope that isn't a sign to come.

    1. i always skip cube 63 for sachikos. i usually expense the meal and it tends to get very expensive before you realize it but ive found the sushi to be quite excellent and extremely fresh. the servers are so happy to see you.

      considering that there is rarely a wait even on a friday night, i have to assume business isnt doing so well due to the competition.