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Good eats off 91 in Vermont

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Travelling to Quebec from Connecticut and wondering where to stop for lunch along the 91 corridor in VErmont, or perhaps southern Quebec. Any cuisine works, but not looking to drive too far.

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  1. Yama Restaurant with Korean and Japanese in W. Lebanon, NH serves a great lunch. Definitely recommend lunch boxes!! (miso soup, chicken or salmon teriyaki, rice and salad for 7.95)
    96 Main Street. It is about 5-6 minutes off of 91 - white River Jct. exit. closed Mondays. It is in a small complex behind HR Block. Do a mapquest search for specific directions.

    If you are of the natural/organic persuasion - Brattleboro Food Co-op (exit 1 - go north on Route 5 and it's on your left) has good selection of to go prepared food as does Putney Co-op. (Immediately ahead of you when you get off at Putney exit) Putney also has seating area.
    Exit 2 Brattleboro - turn west when you get off has a fancier style deli/take out place called French Bakery. no seating. (haven't been there in years so can't verify)

    Good diner in Lyndonville also. Exit 23 - Diner is on Route 5. You may have to backtrack a mile or so to get back on 91.

    If you haven't stopped at any of these places, you might go into Derby Line/Stanstead and see what you can find there. it's also the last place to get gas in the US at the Irving Station. (they sell sandwiches) And you can cross the border at the low key Derby Line customs station.

    1. Try LA Burdick off exit 5.


      French bistro fare including great pommes frites, a wonderful cheese selection, some from local dairies, and a decent and not severly ratcheted up wine list. And then, wonderful chocolate!

      1. I second both Burdick Chocolate and Yama.

        If you're looking for a great dinner near White River Junction (intersection of I-91 and I-89), try Como Va. I was there for brunch this morning, and it was nothing short of fantastic.


        I think the web site is a little out of date. They're now serving dinners Tues-Sun, brunch Sat/Sun.

        1. Try the maple cream pie at P&H Truck Stop, right off Exit 17
          VT 302, Wells River , VT 802-429-2141. Also, there's a diner in Newport VT whose name I can't remember. The aforementioned Curtis BBQ is right off the Putney exit but seems to be getting mixed reviews lately (it was decent when I went last year, a different experience for sure).

          1. If you don't mind going about 8 mostly-highway miles out of your way -- to Quechee, Vermont -- Simon Pearce is a highly regarded restaurant serving upscale, but casual, lunches and dinners. I always make a point of stopping when I'm in the area.

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              Hit Simon Pearce last time through - nice lunch and nice setting - thanks

            2. I have two favorites on either side of the Canadian border:

              Family Recipe on Main Street in Newport, VT (a few minutes west of Route 91), is a nice little diner that has excellent hot dogs, hamburgers, and pie. The people there are really friendly, too.

              The Pilsen Pub in North Hatley, Quebec (about 15 minutes east of the highway, about 45 minutes north of the border), is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. Its location along a river in the center of town (and across the street from a beautiful lake) is unforgettable, and the comfort food and pub grub is excellent. They have a good beer list, too.

              1. If you are on I91 or I89, stop in White River Junction, Vermont for the best bagels. The best bagels anywhere!

                I grew up in Queens in Fresh Meadows where we had great bagels from Bagel Oasis, 183-12 Horace Harding Expressway (LIE exit 25), Fresh Meadows, NY 11365, 718-359-9245.

                Stop at Baker's Studio & Best New York Bagel Shop - 25 South Main Street, White River Junction, Vermont - 802.296.7201. Owner Chris Calvin, bakes limited supplies of fantastic crusty chewy hard "real" bagels. Like they used to be in NYC. These are the real thing. These are not huge doughy rolls.

                We recently had family up to Vermont to celebrate our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. We had relatives from all over the New York Metro area. They could not believe that Chris's bagels were home grown. I had NYC guests say they were the best bagel they have ever had!

                This is actually a problem because when we visit the city, we are disappointed by the bagels.

                Check him out.