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Jul 2, 2006 12:15 PM

Valrhona "Manjari" Chocolate

I tried some chocolates that were made with Valrhona "Manjari" chocolate, and hated the spicy aftertaste. The lady in the store indicated that the aftertaste depended upon the filling, so I bought a few different fillings, but I found that was not the case; they all had the same aftertaste. They even make one with a cayenne filling.

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  1. It could be the Manjari chocolate. Valhrona also has lines made with chocolate sourced from other parts of the world, I believe, so you could try something else. Personally, I tend to stick with Central/South American chocolate.

    1. I just use Callebaut, and am very happy with it.

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        If you are talking about the Belgian Callebaut, it's part of Barry-Callebaut which is the worlds largest supplier of industrial chocolate (and largest user of Ivory Coast chocolate). If you are talking about the Canadian (Bernard) Callebaut, that's something else altogether.

      2. I'm talking about Barry-Callebaut. I'm very familiar with Bernard Callebaut as well - I really enjoy his Champagne Truffles, Bernard (Advocaat), and Marsior (marzipan). I'm still lamenting his discontinuation of Dodie (also marzipan). I am a long-time fan of his.

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          Valrhona's Manjari is known for its strong wine like tart/sour notes...that might be what you are sensing in the aftertaste....Manjari is blended bar made from Madagascar beans and Madagascar chocolate is known for its tart and sour notes...

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            What's your opinion on the Chocovic line?

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              Chocovic is middle grad in my opinion...their Grenada bar is the best and their ecuador bar is not very good at all...they are ok...deepends on the year...

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