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Jul 2, 2006 09:09 AM

Madeleine Bistro ?

Thinking about trying Madeleine Bistro and would appreciate thoughts and/or recommendations. Also curious to know how it compares to Millennium in SF for those of you who've been...


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  1. I have been interested in trying Madeleine's Bistro - have not been to Millenium. Friend had dinner @ Madeleine's a few months ago, he does not want to go back. I still want to try it. If I get the chance, will let you know.

    1. I like it. It has, IMHO, one of the finest wine selections in that part of LA. The menu is very short, however, but its taste and presentation is very distinguished in its own way. Seafood and red meats (ie lamb) - but it changes seasonally. Oh, and don't miss the desserts. Service is also very attentive. There is a private dining room, a smaller wine bar (more private, dim, but cute and romantic), and the main, high-ceiling dining room (last I saw, they remodeled it so that the tables are more spread out in the room - it's a warmer feel than what it was). I still like the booths, though (more fun).

      I'd suggest giving it a try. You really won't know whether or not it's worth it, or if you'll like it or not - unless you go.

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          Oops! My apologies. I mistook it as Madeleines Restaurant in Pasadena.

      1. Me and Mr. Snackish went to Madeline Bistro for breakfast and enjoyed it. It is fun and creative vegan food - I had "chicken and waffles" (seitan chicken and really light crispy waffles) and a "creamsicle" drink - OJ and something vanillaish (soymilk? ricemilk?) that was tasty.

        I would say for vegan food, it's really great.

        My only caveat is that the drinks seemed a little pricey - mine was $5.

        1. Go. The wife and I went and had four "starters". All were excellent. The Chef/owner seems to really care about what he's doing, and when I mentioned one of the dishes didn't seem to be at the right temperature (a room temp potato pancake was the offending component of the dish) he insisted on taking it back, and the replacement was fantastic. It is too pricey for an everyday thing (at least for me), but for a nice outing it's not bad at all.

          In relation to Millennium... It's not as "nice" in decor, it's a place where you can come underdressed and feel comfortable, or dress for a night out, and not feel out of place. I keep going back to Millennium every few years to see if it's gotten better. Their dishes never have impressed me for their flavor combinations, or uniqueness; though the platting is always lovely. Madeleine Bistro achieved beautiful plates with wonderful and surprising taste combinations. The only reason I don’t dine there more is I live across the country from it.