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Jul 2, 2006 08:20 AM

Good Restaurants that a 3-Year-Old Can Go To?

My husband and I will be going to Paris for 3 days in August and we both love to eat. We are bringing our active 3-year-old son also so I would love to get some recommendations on good restaurants that would be great for kids too. Also, since my French is almost non-existent, can you recommend what we should order in French too so I know what to order exactly. Thanks.

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  1. Restaurants in Paris are much more kid friendly than here in the States. You might find the staff doting over your son. If he can sit through a meal, there are countless lively informal bistros that are kid friendly. Many are around 35E for a 3-course meal without wine. I am sure your child can share your food or the kitchen can cook something simple for him. Search the Paris thread on this board and you will find some great recommendations. For a fast informal meal, there are numerous crepe places. I like La Creperie Bretonne in the 11th and Josselin in Montparness. If you want some specific restaurant recommendations, it might be helpful if you can be more specific on what kind of food you like and if there is a particular area that is convenient for you.
    As for not being able to speak French, it is not a problem since most Parisians speak English. Just tell the staff what you like to eat and enjoy yourself.

    1. My friends travelled to Europe often with their 5 children in hand. Now they will have to start taking their grandchildren. They would take meals in very fancy places with their well behaved kids. I know at Taillevant the kitchen would prepare hamburgers and fries --boeuf hache and pommes frites--for the kids. So as long as your little boy is able to sit it should be no problem. I think you will find that the French are ususally quite ga ga over kids.

      I could recommend a few places, but as you probably know, a lot of restaurants are closed for August. I think you and your son could have a lovely experience at either Le Cave or L'Os a Moelle. Great food and a nice wine list. Another recommendation would be Au Petit Tonneau in the 7th. The chef is a delightful woman, Ginette Boyer. Dessert will please any child or adult. Her tarte tatin is superb as is the clafoutie. If the scrambled (brouille) goose egg (Oie/Oeuf) with mushrooms is on the menu it is wonderful. Unfortunately, no scallops (St. Jacques) in August. She is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

      I would grab a table on the terrace at either Le Deux Magot or Cafe Flore. Order a tartine and glass of wine. If your son likes chocolate, the melted chocolate bar hot chocolate at Deux Magot is scrumtious.

      Just so many places. If you are visiting the Marais, and you should, for the breathtaking Place des Voges, Musee Picasso and antiques in the Village St. Paul, try the falaffel at L'As Au Falafel on rue, des rosiers (they close Friday evening and Saturday for the Sabbath) or have a meal at Le Guereland de Julie or Ma Bourgonne in the Place des Voges (of course, sit outside) The whole area is interesting and there is very nice shopping. Rue des Rosiers is an interesting street and still considered the centre of Jewish Culture in Paris.