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Jul 2, 2006 05:21 AM

Fave Butchers or places to buy meat in Phoenix?

So I bought a smoker - one of the bigger ones with the offset fire box. This is for cooking things 5-12 hours (or more). Big pieces of meat... those giant Fred Flinstone style beef ribs, pork butts, brisket, etc.

I've noticed these cuts can either be a great bargain (bulk and/or not many customers) or pretty pricey. And sometimes this depends on the store or location. I have a nearby supermarket, for example, that has great deals on meat, but they only offer small portions. Another nearby store has more of a butcher selection, but it seems to differ each time I visit. I don't have a fave market - and can happily hit Frys, Albertsons, AJs (to browse), TJs, Food City, Sprouts, Costco, Ranch, etc. and find something worthwhile at each.

Am wondering, however, if you've noticed better deals trending to any of the latter, or if you have any butchers or other suggestions for decent cuts worthy of a drive + the hours of nurturing a slow cooker takes. I'm on the Scottsdale/Tempe border.

Any good suggestions garner an invite to a future BBQ event!

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  1. I've had really good luck with Hobe Meats just north of Bethany Home and 16th Street on the west side of 16th Street. I've had great luck with lamb chops there. They special orders frog legs for a friend of mine once too. They do BBQs in front of the store on Saturdays in the spring and summer and it's some mighty fine meat!


    1. I agree with Hobe Meats - they were able to provide veal breast for vitello tonnato when I couldn't find it anywhere else. Also short ribs - in every supermarket I visited on my search, the response to my query was inevitably, "Oh, yeah, we got ribs," and they pointed in the direction of the baby backs. When I called Hobe, they said they had frozen short ribs and asked when I would be cooking them, then offered to defrost them for me so they'd be ready for preparation as soon as I got them. They packed them into my cooler for me, along with a few ice packs. Most accommodating.

      Also, in Cave Creek, which is closer to our vacation home, I've found Cave Creek Meats - at 36711 N. Cave Creek Road. The butcher is a woman who goes out of her way to get what you need. The first time, it was the pork for the mock porchetta that was discussed at great length on these boards. Nobody else could come up with that one. And, yesterday, I needed lamb chops to grill for a company dinner. I was shocked that my local supermarket, Albertson's, didn't have *any* cut of lamb available at all. (I suppose I'm spoiled, living in Manhattan.) Cave Creek Meats had two gorgeous racks of Australian lamb and last night's dinner was fabulous.

      1. If you're looking for large cuts of high quality beef try Von Hanson's Meats in Chandler (Alma School north of Warner). You'll probably want to call them about pricing because they're not cheap.

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          i have to agree with von hanson's. high quality cuts. great cusomter service. nice beer and wine selections. i drive from downtown phoenix to get my meats there.

        2. Two other possiblities...Midwestern Meats, although it's way the heck out in East Mesa (4308 E. Main) - they'll cut to order and their prices are very good. Also, check out LeeLee's meat counter. Although some of their cuts are not entirely western in style, I noticed they have great deals on rib eye steaks (bone in or out), briskets, and other larger cuts of pork as well.

          1. I concur with Geg on Hobe Meats and I am the gal that they ordered frog leg's in for. Super Accomodating and if you call ahead they can usually get just about anything for you. Go on a Saturday and have one of the best burgers or 1/2 rack of ribs with fries for 5 bucks!