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Jul 2, 2006 04:24 AM

Memphis Minnies - good bbq

Since we were on the right side of the bridge today, we decided to seek out Memphis Minnies. It is the closest we have found to good southern BBQ in the bay area. I had a trip tip sandwich with mac & cheese. The trip tip had a good smokey flavor to it and didn't need any sauce to be moist enough to eat. My husband had the two meat platter with brisket and pulled pork with the beans and fries. He loved the brisket and thought the pork was just fine. The beans needed "a little something" in his opinion, so he added one of the BBQ sauces. I liked the Texas one best. Fun place to try and we will definitely go back if we are in the area again around lunch time!

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  1. I finally went back after a very dissapointing first visit that left me wondering what people were thinking when they proclaimed this good bbq, and im glad i did. the N.C. vinegar sauce and the super hot habenero bbq sauce are great. the brisket, ribs, and sandwiches are all great bbq.

    try the cheese grit sticks..... dear. god.