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Jul 2, 2006 04:11 AM

Report: Peachtree (KC, 18th and Vine area)

On a recent visit to the Negro Leagues Museum and American Jazz Museum, we wandered into the Peachtree restaurant for lunch -- looks like the lobby bar of an upscale hotel but is in fact an inexpensive and high-quality soul food place. You start out with super-buttery dinner rolls and -- highlight of the meal -- sweet potato corn muffins, so sweet and rich I'd call them a dessert. With that in your stomach you can certainly make a nice meal out of side dishes -- we especially liked the collard greens, the steamed cabbage, the candied yams, and the okra & tomatoes. Vegetarians be warned -- the red beans and rice has unadvertised sausage (all other sides are vegetarian.)

In fact, we liked the place so much we came back for dinner after seeing the museum! I got the oxtail, which was tasty but not so easy to eat for this soul-food novice...

Overall: an easy place to recommend if you want good food convenient to the 18th and Vine museums, since it's good and as far as we could see the only place open! Note that the restaurant is a spin-off of the popular Peachtree Buffet, described elsewhere on Chowhound.

1512 E. 18th St
Kansas City, MO 64108
Hours of Operation
Tues-Thurs 11am-2:30pm-Lunch 5pm-9pm-Dinner
Fri 11am-10pm,
Sat 12pm-10pm,
Sun 12pm-7pm

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