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Some places about to open

Noticed the "coming soon" signs at these places while walking around:

A pan-Asian looking noodle bar coming to Beacon Street near Coolidge corner (I think the former Bangkok Basil location). Doesn't give me a good vibe in that I'm not expecting artisanal hand-pulled noodles, but you never know.

What appears to be a wine bar on Charles Street in Beacon Hill, across the street from Beacon Hill Bistro where Torch used to be (name is Bin 26 Enoteca or something like that).

A sandwich place in Inman Sq, at the corner of Cambridge Street and Prospect. I think someone mentioned this recently, but not sure.

Hope to hear about them from hounds when they open.

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    1. Yeah, the Bin 26 is owned by Babak Bina and his sister, of Lala Rokh fame.

      1. The Coolidge Corner noodle restaurant is called Zenna.


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          Thanks for the link! Alas, the sample menu on the website doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

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            And don't you always wonder about the whole thing when the website touts the concept of their chain, even tho the first one hasn't opened yet?????

            1. re: galleygirl

              Not to mention their claim of having the "best pad-thai in town". I've always wondered if there had to be anything to back up the "best" claims.... but apparently you don't even need to have made pad thai in the town yet!??!

        2. I hope they spiff up that sign for the sandwich shop in Inman Sq. When I saw it a couple weeks ago, it looked like some high school kids made it. I would think Chris Schlisinger would have a pretty cool, professional looking sign.

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            The sign looks like it's only temporary. But even so, I kinda like it!

          2. The sandwich place in Inman is Chris Schlesinger's "All Star Sandwich." Can't wait.


            1. Has anyone heard what is going into where the B&D was in Brookline? I see construction, but haven't heard a peep about it.

              1. Mmm. Agree with Limster about the Zenna noodle place menu. Claims that a dish is called "the best Thai in Boston" before the place even opens paired with a pointlessly pretentious earth/water/air/fire breakout of the menu definitely point to an emphasis on style over substance.

                1. There is also Lucky Seafood opening next week in the former Noodle Alcove space on Tyler. I spoke to the owner and he thinks it will be tuesday or wednesday. I checked out the menu and it's mostly standard cantonese but there are a couple of potentially interesting items that puport to be regional. They don't serve duck which in itself it's bad but might suggest a less ambitious menu. I'll try to check it out soon.

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                    I read on the glass panes that it was going to have Fuzhou dishes, but after the renovations, it was gone. So not sure if they're going for that regional angle.

                    Also opening soon or opened on Salem Street in the North End is an ice cream pastry place featuring "injectable" ice cream. Curious.

                  2. Question for gourmaniac: What---the Noodle Alcove is gone? How did I miss that piece of news? It's one of my favorite places in Chinatown, and had some of the best noodle soups I'd ever tasted. Has it moved, or just gone out of business altogether?

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                    1. Trani, that injectable ice cream place, has been just about to open for 2 years now. The look of the place doesn't inspire comfidence--appears to be a chain.

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                        I had been walking by Trani every day for 2 years wondering what the heck it was. Well, I stopped in last night and I was pleasantly surprised. They had all sorts of injectable pastries. I got an order of 2 chocolate cupcakes, filled with vanilla ice cream & topped with warm chocolate sauce. The sauce became hard & crunchy near the ice cream. It was good! There were two/order and I intended to freeze one but I ended up eating them both. They had brownies, yellow cake, eclairs, puffs, canolli shells etc. all availalbe for dipping. Plus, they serve ice cream cones & coffee. The staff was very friendly and helpful since there are so many choices it can be overwhelming. It's a welcome addition to the North End!

                      2. Someday café in Davis is closing very soon which is a shame since they had by far the best ice cream (Toscanini's) in the Square. Word on the street is that Mr. Crêpe, formerly on Holland St., is moving in. Hopefully, they'll stock Toscanini's, but at least Dave's Fresh Pasta has prepack pints, but only until 7:30pm.

                        1. Noticed yesterday that Nancy's in Brookline Village is going to turn into the Village Cafe which will be Chinese food and a bakery. I assume it's realted to the Village Food Store (not sure of the exact name) a few doors down but not sure. I'm surprised since Nancy's always seemed to have a crowd. I personally prefer scones and iced coffee but others will be excited for the new style I'm sure.

                          1. I dunno, isn't Nancy's Asian-owned? They usually have lots of noodle soups, etc, on the menu. Maybe they decided to switch all the way...I'll have to check!

                            1. Hmm, maybe. I only was in there during breakfast time where it was typical cafe style, never even looked at a proper menu.