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Jul 2, 2006 02:41 AM

If you only had 4 days in Philly...

Where would you eat? I've heard mixed reviews on Le Bec Fin.

Aussie Chowhound looking for some local food finds. So if you were only in Philly for 4 days... where would u suggest?

I dont mind paying for food (thus, will have no probs going to Le Bec Fin... if it's worth it) and other places.


Thanks guys.

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  1. Welcome to Philadelphia!
    Le Bec Fin is worth it..........I really like their prix fix lunch
    Pif in south philly
    XIX (Nineteen) atop the Bellvue Hotel just got a really great review
    Are you staying in Philly or going out to any of the surrounding areas?

    1. Chinatown: try Sang Kee or Shaolin
      For a great BYO, Matyson
      Middle Eastern sandwich: Alyan

      1. What is there a lack of in Australia that we might be able to suggest. I haven't been...

        A south philly italian restaurant might be nice.

        1. Le Bec Fin is a topnotch French restaurant. They also have an elegant lunch, if you prefer to do that and then have a very light dinner.

          Vetri is an outstanding, upscale Italian restaurant with a nationally-known chef. Call for reservations immediately - they're hard to get.

          Pasion is well known for seafood, especially their ceviches. Estia has excellent grilled fish in a beautiful setting.

          Philadelphia's strongest point is probably the small BYOB's - bring your own bottle, wine or liquor, no charges or fees - in places run by creative chefs, sometimes husband/wife combos.
          Tops would be Matyson and Marigold Kitchen - as good as anywhere.
          Others, small and good and highly recommended, would be:
          August, Caffe Casta Diva, Pif (French), Radicchio (no reservations accepted), Tre Scalini, Branzino, and L'Angolo.

          As you see, quite a few are Italian. Philadelphia has excellent Italian food.
          You probably get good Asian food where you are. French, except for upscale, is not our strong point. For upscale Japanese, we have Morimoto here.
          Another choice for "elegant" would be LaCroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel - one of my top choices.

          Let us know if you have any specific preferences.

          1. You have to have a cheesesteak. Pat's is my choice.