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Jul 2, 2006 02:35 AM

Napa/Sonoma Winery Recommendations for this weekend? [Moved from Wine board]

I am in Napa and Sonoma until Monday evening to do some wine tasting. To give some idea of what I want, I am reasonably familiar with wine generally and drink it very regularly. I care most about tasting interesting, hard-to-get wines with vineyards who are welcoming and friendly. Especially given the holiday weekend, I want to avoid the ultra-corporate vineyards that will be very overcrowded (I like some of their wine fine, but I don't want to be somewhere massively overcrowded). I have a tasting scheduled at Corison tomorrow, but frankly that is at the absolute top end of my price range, and I will not be able to afford to taste or buy bottles at many places of that caliber.

I plan to do one full day in Napa and one full day in Sonoma.

I will be starting early each day but do not have much time (basically two days). Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Recommendations in Napa would be Cliff Lede Winery, Miner Family, Robert Sinskey, Frank Family. All of these are off of Hwy. 29. If you go north to Calistoga and then further on, Bennett Lane, Calistoga Cellars, Summers, Vincent Arroy, August Briggs are all outstanding small wineries.

    We go to Napa very often and seek out small, fun wineries that make good wines. All of the above all into that catagory.

    Have a great time

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Miner Family is on Silverado Trail, and I would recommend it. Also, not listed above Chateau Montelena is a great place to visit off Tubbs Rd. in Calistoga. This is at the very top of the valley, but is worth the detour, and it's fun to spend a little time in nearby Calistoga, too.

        1. I concur with Robert Sinskey and Miner Family wineries in Napa. If you like sparkling wine, may I recommend Schramsberg.


          1. I like Domaine Carneros for sparklers; they also make chocolates with a wine filling. I also bought an amazing Pinot Noir there many years ago (it was available at the winery only).