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Jul 2, 2006 02:26 AM

Beacon Hill Chocolates, Machu Picchu

Beacon Hill Chocolates, Beacon Hill, Boston

Pretty good selection of chocolate bars, a couple of producers I haven't seen before, and stand-bys like Domori, Chuao. Bon bons in the case include ones from Moonstruck from Oregon, a store in NYC that I don't remember and a Belgium line called Mary's.

The chocolate bon bons with fillings and nuts etc from Mary's was generally good, clear, coherent flavours. My favourite was probably the truffles, especially the champaigne truffles. The overall quality was well above average, but the chocolate wasn't as well tempered as they could be, not as much of the brilliant snap or the shiny surface. Won't sway me away from Dumon's gifted technique, Pierre Marcolini's elegant artistry, or even Michael Rechiutti's creativity and refinement. Overall very good, just not the absolute best of it's kind.

Ditto with the ones from Moonstruck; I did like their gooey caramel sushi - a caramel roll with some sort of nougatty filling dipped in chcolate. But they did have very cute choc labradors and cats. Noticed a line of chocolate hearts which they said was from NYC. Didn't get to try them.

A little pricey; the bon bons average more than a dollar a piece. but $5.50 for a bar of Domori Porcelana seems about par for retail.


Machu Picchu, Union Sq., Somerville

An ordinary aji de gallinha, (chicken, potatoes and boiled egg in a aji amarillo sauce), nothing as soulful as the version at the late Delicias Peruanas in Somerville. The sauce just didn't pack as much depth as I would have liked.

Decent roasted corn kernals, warm, toasty, a bit grainy. Comes with 2 cream-based sauces, a mint green, mildly spicy, perhaps made with basil; the other red and earthy, much spicier, I'm guessing rocoto pepper, but could be wrong.

Chicha morada (purple corn drink) was a nice match for the warm weather. Didn't try the alfajores on the counter.

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  1. Was there any word of their moving into Lino's space? I had seen a sign in Lino's indicating "Machu Picchu coming soon" and it was closed for a bit for some renovations, but Lino's is back advertising its $4.99 buffet (11-4pm mon-sat, not certain sunday) and a la carte dinner.

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    1. re: itaunas

      I didn't notice, but then again, I wasn't paying attention.

    2. Good to see another chocolate purveyor -- did you notice if they carried any Italian bar chocolates, like Amadei or Slitti?

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      1. re: MichaelB

        Don't think I saw see Slitti or Amadei, nor Maglio.

        Digressing, noticed that their Mademoiselle de Margaux was more expensive than Whole Foods (on sale at WF Prospects Street $9.99; it was $12 I think at Beacon Hill Choc).

        There was also a couple of Belgian bars, but couldn't remember the brand.