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Jul 2, 2006 02:10 AM

The Berkeley Perk

I never saw any posts about the Berkeley Perk, so I thought I'd add one. I really love this place. Great little cafe to get coffee, espresso drinks, healthy sandwiches, and little pastry treats. I love how homey and comfy it is inside and the staff is always friendly. I love to go on Saturdays and just hang out to read the paper and savor a nice cup of coffee and a muffin or coffee cake or whatever is in store that day. What do the rest of you Chowhounds think of this place?

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  1. i havent heard of this, where is it located?

    1. Berkley street just north of Warren ave. Nice little coffee shop, I have not been in a dog's age, but I used to live just around the corner. Good coffee and snacks.

      1. Fantastic place (and I luckily live right around the corner!)

        Try to get there before they run out of coffee cake in the morning. Cinnamon walnut is the best I've ever had.

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          I love the muffins they make in house (the normal sized ones). They are the perfect size, not those gigantic, mass produced ones. They're homemade and absolutely delicious. Love the blueberry ones they make. I was lucky to get one after it was out of the oven. So good. I was in last week and I was talking to the owner and they get a lot of the baked goods from bakeries close by and make stuff like the coffee cakes and normal muffins in house. So yummy!!!