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Jul 2, 2006 02:06 AM

Looking for a really good sushi experience~~

I just had a baby and am dying for excellent sushi since I wasn't able to eat any during my pregnancy. The hubby and I love Sushi Gen in J-Town but we'd like to try a new place - somewhere with excellent service and costs around or under $200 for 2 ppl. Any suggestions?

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  1. R-23 downtown is a great place to treat yourself. Start with the Dungeness crab salad (dressing on the side, they're too heavy-handed with it), one of the lobster tempura or the yellowtail carpaccio w/assorted caviars, and proceed to whatever sushi floats your boat, but definitely including the best albacore in town.

    Good choices on the Westside with an emphasis on service/special occasion would be Kiriko on Sawtelle just N. of Olympic and the Hump at the SM Airport -- an unusual location but fun.

    Less service-oriented but high-quality in terms of fish would be Sasabune at Wilshire and McClellan. A good choice in the Valley is Asanebo, where you can have a lovely omakase.

    Some are fond of Echigo, Matsuhisa, Mori, or Nishimura -- not I.

    1. The Dungeness crab salad at R-23 is wonderful, but this is not crab season. I've never been impressed with the sushi at Asanebo; I think they're still a place for sashimi and marvelous cooked dishes.

      The board is uniform in praise of Kiriko. And I'd consider Shibucho's in Costa Mesa - I have yet to make it out to Costa Mesa, but I've followed Shibu-ya since his Beverly Bl. days. And I always have a soft spot for Shibu-ya's good friend Katsu Michite at Tama near Asanebo's.

      1. If you want to eat traditional sushi, Sushi Ten on Sawtelle is the best. Their edomae(Tokyo style) is simple but so good and resonably priced.

        Hamasaku is more for California style sushi. But they have traditional as well. Both are very very good. Little pricy compared to Sushi Ten.

        You may find surprised to eat Sushi at Torafuku on Pico near Westwood. They are known for rice. When rice is great, sushi taste better ofcourse.

        1. Kiriko on Sawtelle in West L.A. is awesome! Ken will take care of you.

          I also like Sasabune and Echigo, both on the west side.

          I usually order omakase, or chef's choice, when I go to these places.

          1. the brand new sushi zo. just do a search on the board. a lot of raves will come up. i'm recommending them because frankly, it really is that good, but the restaurant is still pretty empty as they're relatively new and i definitely don't want to see them fold.

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              Do they have beer and sake? An absence of those may account for the lackuster showing in terms of patronage thus far.